Your People Are The Face Of Your Business

Mobilizing B2B client facing teams leveraging the power of Linkedin

Every Linkedin Account Of Your Team Member Is A 24/7 Billboard Of Your Business

Imagine if every person on your team in their Linkedin presence became a billboard for your company. The truth is, they already are. Are they promoting your business correctly?

How It Works

Increase Brand Recognition

We help your people build your brand so that more people think of buying from you.

Unify Your Team's Image

We help your people unify as an army that multiplies your marketing efforts.

Increase Marketing Visibility

We help your people get seen more often in more places to grow your business.

Grow Pipelines & Sales

We help your teams find more prospects, start conversations and create full sales pipelines.

Create Branded Content

We create content for your people so that they can be the face to the market you need them to be.

Upskill & Train Teams

We help upskill your teams with insights and implementation to help them excel at what you hired them to do.

Build Linkedin Strategy

We help develop both personal and enterprise Linkedin strategies that help you market services, sell deals and build careers.

Clarify Branded Messaging

We help develop massaging that helps your teams stop spamming and reach their prospects who can turn into revenue.

We Keep It Simple & Effective.

Investing in marketing has never been easier through us. No hoops. No fine print. Just a short list of simple & clear services that work for your team to build a unified face as quickly as possible. We know there's revenue at stake, so we know how important it is to maintain simplicity and focus on effectiveness to keep the ball moving forward. Don't delay in working on increasing visibility, trust, authority with your market because that's what increases revenues.

Getting Your People A Unified Face On Linkedin Is More Important Than A Good Website

Do you know that when a prospect searches for your referred team member name + company, it's their Linkedin profile that shows up far ahead of your website? What does that say about the need to have a unified approach on Linkedin? It's absoluteyl critical!

Verticles & Industries

If your people are the face of your company, we can help

Commercial Insurance Insurers, Brokers, Agencies, TPA's, Claims Managers, Premium Financing

Training Companies Sales, Marketing, Diversity Equity Inclusion (DEI)

Enterprise Consultants SFDC, ERP, Digitization

Marketing Agencies Digital & Traditional

Human Capital Consulting & HR Outsourced Service Providers

Cannabis Industry Non-Plant Touching Service Providers

Recruiting Agencies & Career Coaches

B2B Saas in Enterprise Solutions, CRM, Edtech, Fintech

Financial Services Accounting, Financial Advisors (FA), Registered Investment Advisors (RIA)

Financial Services Accounting, Financial Advisors (FA), Registered Investment Advisors (RIA)

Success Stories

I started working with Hayato when I still had no idea how powerful and vital being on Linkedin was going to be. He quickly got me visible to my ideal clients and even got new consulting projects that I had no idea were available to me. All in all being on Linkedin is the #1 most important marketing action for anyone playing in the B2B space.

Kevin Leming

Insurance Agency Consultant & Recruiter

I started working with Hayato when the pandemic shut everything down. I just needed a place to meet more people, network and have conversations.

I had over 80 new conversations started quickly, then I closed my 2 clients on it despite being in a business that has a very long sales cycle.

If you're someone like who I was when I started the program, good at what you do, but just need more places to reach professionals, start conversations and fill your pipeline, then speak to Hayato about getting started.

Mindy Joslin

Cannabis & AG Industry Risk Management Advisor

Hayato has proven time and time again that he can deliver high quality leads using LinkedIn across a wide variety of niches.

His step by step approach is very easy to follow and implement. Hayato gives clear direction with all tasks while giving you the freedom to inject your own stamp on your work.

I would advise you to look no further than Hayato if your looking for a mentor/teacher to help with your LinkedIn strategy or you just want people who are genuinely interested in speaking to you about your product or service delivered to your inbox.

Colm Finnan

B2B Lead Generation Consultant

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