BD for Recruiting Agencies & HR Professionals

If you're an agency looking to thrive even in a COVID-19 world, you're in the right place!

SIMPLE keeps recruiters motivated

Recruiting agencies usually have a messy array of systems for BD. Calendars, phones, emails, texting services ... they're all useful, but they're all over the place. We'll help you consolidate that into one simple system thereby preventing your recruiters from suffering overwhelm. The obvious result is that they become more MOTIVATED.

STREAMLINED keeps recruiters focused

BD is a messy deal, especially with follow-up. But once streamlining your BD process, it becomes easy for each recruiter to know exactly where they are with each hiring manager. It helps recruiters FOCUSED and know exactly what they need to do next.

SYSTEMATIZED helps recruiters get more reqs

The industrial revolution skyrocketed wealth for most of the world. What they did was implement SYSTEMATIZED activities so that their BD efforts could be measured, controlled and optimized for making more sales. Recruiting agencies struggling usually lack a systematized approach to BD.


BD Process Overhaul

Have your recruiter been working hard, but not seeing the results you need? Let us take a look at your whole BD process and tell you what you need to fix. Knowing is most of the battle in developing a high performing BD team. (Works both for split or full-desk)

Email Copywriting

Did you know that how you use email is the difference between getting an order and being ignored by a hiring manager? Let us take a look at your email copy to help you revise/develop emails that help you convert more leads into orders and ultimately bill that placement.

All Things Linkedin

Did you know that most recruiters aren't using Linkedin correctly? They think it's just a job-board. Wrong! It's the chamber of commerce where people welcome you with open arms if you meet them as professionals. Let us show you how recruiters using our system can get 100's of new relationships with hiring managers started on 10-mins of effort.

Lead Conversion

Do you have plenty of identified reqs and contacts but somehow struggle to convert them into leads? Let us apply our knowledge from reviewing more than 200 recruiting agencies to help find the points where your team is leaving money on the table. This way you can start recouping those reqs that should belong to you.

Star Recruiter

Your recruiters are not just sales men/women. They need to become star recruiters who become the #1 choice your hiring managers call when a req opens up. Let us show you how the best performing recruiters are doing this today and take all the guessing out of the game.

System Integrations

Are your recruiters dropping the BD ball because they have to manage multiple systems from CRM, ATS, Email, Calendars, Dial Pads and more? Let us show you our consolidated system that allow your team to consolidate all they need into a few areas so they can keep focusing on the important things; BD.

We have nothing to sell you until we've had a 20-min Discovery Call

We've spoken to hundreds of recruiting agencies, so we know that your BD style is unique to your agency.

We aren't here to sell you some cookie-cutter solution. We want to find out what works best for you.

This way your recruiters cam be empowered as you implement strategies that help them become successful.

Empowerment breeds to leadership and leadership builds to revenues.

We'll get to know your agency over the brief call to first see what you need most right now to get the fastest results - regardless of whether it means business to us or not.

Sound fair?

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