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Our Main Requirement Is That You Genuinely Want To Serve B2B Company Leadership

Respecting Humans Over Anything

We're committed to building a culture that respects the humans behind every B2B company's leadership. Take a look at the openings below to see if you want to start a conversation with us.

Current Openings

B2B Business Development

If you like speaking with corporations and understand the long-game of their decision making processes, we want to talk to you. We don't spam. We treat people as people.

Linkedin Content Writer

Every client needs more content written for them. If you enjoy listening to professionals and corporations to implement their B2B nuances in a Linkedin content plan, we want to talk to you.

Linkedin Video Producer

Creating video content with clients who are often remote is hard. If you enjoy the ideation, direction and editing of video content, we want to talk to you.

Linkedin Account Executive

We monitor Linkedin accounts on behalf of our clients. If managing dozens of Linkedin profiles and gathering reports on their activity is so easy to you that it feels stupid to get paid for it, we want to talk to you.

In The End It's Always About People

IQ and skillsets have been the leading way people hire, but we know that it's just as important to our clients that our team have amazing EQ. You love people. You want them to thrive. You want a workplace you can be proud to tell your kids about. If that's you, we should talk!

Send us an email to hayato@leadcontrolmedia.com

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