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What's A Fractional Social Media Director?

A Fractional Social Media Director allows you to have all 10,000+ hours of his/her Social Media marketing & sales expertise at a fraction of the cost of a full-time hire. They strategize and train your team to drive more conversations with decision makers.

B2B Social Media Means Social Selling + Linkedin

Social Media for B2B teams requires that we focus on Social Selling + Linkedin. The pandemic has put an intense amount of pressure on B2B marketing and sales teams to adopt new ways to reach decision makers.

Social Selling and Linkedin allows that to happen in just a few clicks.

Fractional Gets Results Faster

When you hire a full-time marketing professional, they take time to catch up to speed. They may not even be experts in the field you need. Most times they aren't specialized in Linkedin and could take five years to gain that 10,000 hours required to become a top notch player you need. We know what to do from day-1 of working with you.

Fractional Is Cost Effective

The largest companies have full-time social media directors of our calibur at rates of $200,000+ annual salaries. Work with us and you'll get the same level of professionalism and expertise at a tiny fraction of the cost.

Fractional Is High Quality

We have over 10,000 hours in this highly specialized field of Social Selling and Linkedin, so we can bring the highest quality work to your door step. Hiring a Fractional Social Media Director is the easiest way to get the highest quality working directly with your team.

We Have A Proven Process

The proof of expertise is often found in one's ability to streamline a process that is effective. Our 10,000+ hours of experience training 100+ professionals has produced a proven process called Customize+Connect™. That means we know what to do to help your team from day-1 of working with us.

Linkedin Success Is About Connecting With Decision Makers

Linkedin is a multi-faceted platform. You can grow your business from multiple angles, but the driving value is to stay top of mind with decision makers and start more conversations with them.

We Work With B2B Companies

B2B/Enterprise Saas & Tech Companies

Corporate & Enterprise Consulting Firms

Digital & Traditional Marketing Agencies

Corporate Attorneys

Commercial P&C & Group Benefits Insurers

Commercial P&C & Group Benefits Brokers

Captive & Independent Agencies

Third Party Administrators

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