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We are Fractional Social Media Directors who have walked the walk of bringing strategy and implementation of effective Social Selling and Linkedin strategies to B2B companies. This is perfect for the teams who do not want to hire an expert full-time, but need to move their B2B activity into the digital-first era.

One of the leading benefits of a Fractional Social Media Director is that there are no long term contracts. You can eliminate the hassle of searching, hiring, and waiting for them to learn what to do in your company because. A fractional director gets to work immediately and allows you to work with them for as short or long as you need.

Every B2B Company Needs To Develop These 3-Steps

Everyone in leadership knows that strategy from the top steers the ship. We will first develop a strategy with you that allows your legacy, culture and service or product to be captured accurately in a Linkedin strategy that leads to revenue.

Once strategy is set, all client facing team executives and team members must be trained to implement the strategy. This is where the rubber meets the road. When every member is working in line with the strategy, it quickly generates thousands of new weekly touchpoints with your key decision makers and starts coversations.

Once teams have been trained, it's time to create content that keeps your company top of mind above the competition. Don't leave it to chance for your team to generate quality content. As part of the strategy that comes from the top, a quality content plan helps the team members continue to promote the company, and generate more opportunities that lead to revenue.

Use Our Proven Process Of

Customize + Connect™

Having spent over 10,000 hours in the space, we know there are many moving pieces which leaves teams overwhelmed. We thus developed a streamlined step by step process that helps you work with the Fractional Social Media Director to develop progress quickly, while also keeping teams motivated to drive thought leadership for your organization.

A Streamlined 6-Step Processs

How Long Does This Take?

Our clients have seen conversations booked with long pursued decision makers in the first week of working with us. However, the real goal of developing thought leadership in your vertical depends on how crowded your space is against your competition and other thought leaders. It takes real work and is often not an over night success, which is why minimizing the trajectory to success through clear strategy is vastly important. Most clients will complete the 6-steps within 3-months, which is about 3 years faster than searching & hiring someone full-time and training them to our level of expertise.

Our Process Explained Step By Step


We start by assessing your overall marketing agenda to see where Linkedin fits best.


We design the strategy with you to accurately deliver on the leadership's intentions.


We build the Linkedin experience with your team to implement the designed strategy.


We train and keep our team accountable on expanding your network with those who value your thought leadership.


We train and keep your team accountable to keep engaging your network to build visibility for your thought leadership.


We help your team create content that when shared builds thought leadership that turns into brand loyalty and deals.

Meet Your Fractional Social Media Director

Hayato Nakamura

Linkedin Top 1% Strategist According to Linkedin

Hayato Nakamura started his first day in the B2B sales & marketing world at the world's largest risk management and commercial insurance broker, Aon. (NYSE: AON | Fortune Ranking 298) He was given a phone and a list of corporate decision makers and told to cold call ... so that's what he did. But it was soon evident that how you stay top of mind with those decision makers specifically with content that they value was everything in winning more deals.

Content They Value = Thought Leadership

In search for a better solution, he became a leading expert on Linkedin on its amazing opportunity for B2B marketing & sales teams to drive thought leadership. The platform allows every professional to knock on doors of decision makers, talk to them to build visibility for your thought leadership and and share his/her thought leadership in verticals that truly matter to your prospects' decision makers.

This is how the Fractional Social Media Director service began as Hayato saw that so many B2B companies continue to struggle with connecting with decision makers through thought leadership, but may not want to hire a full-time expert, nor reilquish control of their brand to a done-for-you agency.

Lead Control Media's signature process of Customize+Connect™ was developed through his experience of helping over 100 professionals and teams on their Social Selling & Linkedin strategy. It's not just theory. It's actionable and gets results. He knows that people's livelihoods depend on this being effective.

Hayato Nakamura resides in San Diego, California with his wife and two children. He spent time at the International Christian University (ICU) in Tokyo, Japan and University of California; San Diego in San Diego, California for his Bachelors degree and Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Deerfield, Illinois for his Master of Divinity degree.

This Is What Our Clients Say

More Success Stories

I started working with Hayato when I still had no idea how powerful and vital being on Linkedin was going to be. He quickly got me visible to my ideal clients and even got new consulting projects that I had no idea were available to me. All in all being on Linkedin is the #1 most important marketing action for anyone playing in the commercial space. - Kevin L. (Insurance Industry)

I started working with Hayato when the pandemic shut everything down. I just needed a place to meet more people, network and have conversations. I had over 80 new conversations started quickly, then I closed my 2 clients on it despite being in a business that has a very long sales cycle. If you're someone like who I was when I started the program, good at what you do, but just need more places to reach professionals, start conversations and fill your pipeline, then speak to Hayato about getting started. - Mindy J. (Cannabis Industry)

Hayato has proven time and time again that he can deliver high quality leads using LinkedIn across a wide variety of niches. His step by step approach is very easy to follow and implement. Hayato gives clear direction with all tasks while giving you the freedom to inject your own stamp on your work. I would advise you to look no further than Hayato if your looking for a mentor/teacher to help with your LinkedIn strategy or you just want people who are genuinely interested in speaking to you about your product or service delivered to your inbox. - Colm F. (Marketing Industry)

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